Shanghai Marusho Electronic Software technology Co, Ltd.


Shanghai Marusho Electronic Software technology Co, Ltd.
Date of Establishment
Shanghai Marusho Electronic Software technology Co, Ltd. is a High-TechCompany. Marusho-soft, as it is more popularly called, is one of the leadingSoftware Outsourcing Companies and Application Service Providers inChina.Currently, Marusho-soft has registered entry at theShanghaiFudanHigh-TechParkinShangHai, which is one of several SoftwareEnterprise Parks setup by the Chinese government to promote local softwareresearch and development. 
Our mission
1)Providing the best software to our customers.
2)Taking and managing outsourcing softwareprojects from  international market.
3)Applying advanced business management andoperating concept.
4)Take large size software projects fromthe international market.
A. Consultation, sales, using guidance andmaintenance of the package software (logistics and management software etc.)
B. Consultation, layout, development, usingguidance and maintenance of the original software
C. General computer, medium-size andsmall-size computer, Server/Client Software
D. Original Software applicable to salesmanagement, storehouse management and manufacture management etc.
E. Designing the company homepage/website,online sales system and email system etc.
Development and production of the micro-systembased on Motorola and NEC’s single-chip micro computer
Consultation, layout, design, sales andrepairing of brand machines(such as IBM, Fujitsu, etc), Consultation, layout,design, construction, sales and repairing of PC based on Genesis Original andthe products of hardware providers such as IBM, Fujitsu etc.
Consultation, design, sales of networkservers, mail servers, application servers and database servers. Providing thedeploying service of all kinds of servers and clients computers and connectingthem to the users’ existing network. Building the servers based on the steadyconnection of Internet and e-mail and being the contact agents. According tothe practical environments of clients, provide the support service of consultation,layout, design, construction and maintenance of LAN, WAN, Intranet and VPN etc.
Intelligent ResidentialArea Management System
Design, construction and maintenance ofmansion management system.
Selling of the central surveillancecontrolling system/illumination controlling/guard system, sequence equipmentsystem/signal illumination/anti-disaster system, hydro-controlmachine/calculating and measuring machine/gas generating equipment etc.
Design and manufacture of automatic controlequipment/automatic calculating and measuring equipments etc.
Technical service, consultation, transfer,development, training, contract, agency, shareholding in the field ofcommunication devices, electronics product, optical instrument, systemintegrating; and transfer, production and sales of technology .